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Ardan Michael Blum's Diary

We start with my family tradition of loving Dachshunds!

These hounds will draw me away from most matters; they are the result of fine-tuning in Germany for a loyal, brave, headstrong, funny and independent creature. 

Image by Ardan Michael Blum of his Dachshund Jasper.

Jasper Hound waiting for iced chicken.

Image of Jasper the Dachshund in Geneva by Ardan Michael Blum

Jasper Hound having eaten LOTS of iced chicken and grown up.

We move to two images from walks which talk to me about perspective and time ...

The first comes from just outside of the lovely Menlo Park Allied Arts Guild. In it you see the old farming tool and growing near it a new tree; old vs new wood:

Image taken in Menlo Park, CA. Copyright Ardan Michael Blum.

"Stroll down a side street in Palo Alto"

Side street in Palo Alto. Image Copyright Ardan Michael Blum.

View taken towards sunset after a rainstorm, a few blocks away from the Ace Hardware store in downtown Palo Alto.

"Waves on Sand" at Half Moon Bay

One of the great things about living in Palo Alto is how close one is to the Pacific Ocean! Simply head over the Santa Cruz mountain range and set your GPS for Pescadero State Beach.

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